Mining Project Evaluation

Many mines desire an efficient and effective operation. Good mining practice studies assist the mining owner in providing steps and guidelines to achieve the target in Safety, Health, Environment, Production and Qualities, balancing at all. These guidelines were based on an empiric values, rule of thumbs and solutions results from Mahameru’s experience in this industry.

Our goal is to give the customer, the highest confidence in the value of mining projects, by providing appropriate analyses for project decisions making and development strategies. We provide options that works, list of opportunities and risks that may occur. Our focus is on getting specific project concepts correct at the front end, where it matters.

Mahameru’s consultants and Competent Persons will assist you with mergers and acquisitions, equity and project financing and IPOs, due diligence work and will provide the ultimate knowledge that you need to produce a transparent, balanced and focused independent reviews and audits. Each project has its own characteristics and unique risks, which require the attention of experienced engineers to efficiently allocate and coordinate resources in order to produce a complete reviews.

Risk has many meanings in the mining industry includes a definition as “the effect of uncertainty on objectives” and similarly broad definitions for “risk analysis”, “risk management” and “risk tolerance”. Mahameru’s goal in all cases is to help Clients achieve “risk efficiency”, i.e. a state in which all of the technical and non-technical issues facing an enterprise have been identified, analysed and mitigated to acceptable levels.

Geology, Resources and Exploration

Mahameru’s geologists combine their skills in structural and geological interpretation of deposits with the application of new and innovative modelling packages to construct dynamic 3D geological models. This approach creates a unique synergy between the interpretation of geological database, geological exploration data and model construction, which is focused on testing and evaluating applied solutions in the exploration and mining process.

Our geologists have extensive experience in exploration, database management, resource estimation, grade control and conditional simulation. We can take your project from grassroots exploration through the feasibility study stage and into production. We have a large skill base and extensive experience in the use of all the major geological modeling software packages such as Mincom, Surpac and Minex. We have experience in developing and reviewing geological models and resource estimates for all deposit types. We also have Competent Persons as defined by the various internationally accepted resource reporting codes.

Mahameru’s specialized exploration services are built on our core strengths. These include advanced structural interpretation skills, the ability to connect mineralized systems to the structural setting, systematic ore body targeting and 3D modeling. We specialize in the development of process-driven, conceptual models to identify and improve the understanding of your mineral targets. Our in-house consultants have expert knowledge of the mechanisms of ore body formation and distribution within a wide range of geological and tectonic settings.

Geological mapping is mandatory to any exploration project. Effective mineral exploration requires an in-depth understanding of the lithological and structural controls of mineralisation. Mapping is a cost-effective exploration tool and a project-generative process that delivers tangible benefits to all exploration programs. These insights must be gained through geological mapping at the early stages of the exploration program. A good geological map not only provides focus to an exploration program, it also clearly communicates the economic potential of a project to stakeholders.

Mahameru’s specialized exploration services are built on our core strengths. These include advanced structural interpretation skills, the ability to connect mineralized systems to the structural setting, systematic ore body targeting and 3D modeling. We specialize in the development of process-driven, conceptual models to identify and improve the understanding of your mineral targets. Our in-house consultants have expert knowledge of the mechanisms of ore body formation and distribution within a wide range of geological and tectonic settings.

The evolution of sedimentary basins is largely controlled by a response in the crust to tectonically driven forces. The way in which the crust responds to those forces is controlled by the strength, composition and fabric of the crust at the time of the tectonic event. Knowing the properties of the basement of a sedimentary basin allows prediction of the behavior of the basin during deformation.

The collection of reliable samples from a prospect area or mine is an essential basis for the production of an accurate resource estimate. The strategy to be adopted must thus be carefully designed so that at each stage of the process, the chance of taking biased, unrepresentative or contaminated samples is minimized. Mahameru has the capability to assess a client’s existing sampling programs in order to determine whether the strategy employed by the client is meeting set aims and objectives. Our consultants consider key factors in executing these evaluations, such as, whether the correct sample volume is being taken, whether a change could be introduced which would have significant impact and be cost effective and whether the drill holes or sample layout will provide the level of confidence sought for a subsequent resource estimate.

Mahameru’s experienced exploration consultants can audit, review and advise on quality control procedures in addition to performing data reviews during all project phases. Our personnel review existing sampling protocols and advice on the appropriate sampling strategy taking into account both theoretical and practical implications of mineral sampling techniques. Using a combination of analytical techniques and drawing upon their broad experience of best practice, our experts are capable of drawing pertinent conclusions and making recommendations to clients to ensure compliance with international reporting codes.

Many ore deposits are formed within tectonically active areas, such as ancient basins and orogenic belts. It is no wonder then that the vast majority of mineral deposits are affected or controlled, to a greater or lesser extent, by geological structures. From the perspective of mineral exploration and mining, the potential influence of both large- and small-scale structures on projects cannot be understated with structures impacting most technical issues, including: grade control, resource estimation, targeting, rock mass engineering and hydrogeology.

Mining and Reserves

Our engineers have strong operational and technical backgrounds and have gained substantial experience in mines employing a multitude of mining methods. These benefits ensure that our solutions and advice are not only practical and workable, but take account of appropriate geotechnical, hydrogeological, economic and environmental considerations.We have in-house skills with all major software design, optimisation and scheduling packages, including Whittle, Minex, Surpac, Talpac, Xpac and Mincom.

Commodity price, macro-economic assumptions are frequently required as input to our technical reviewing mandates which include; technical studies requiring input for break-even strip ratio’s determination and optimization analysis for Resource and Reserve reporting; bench mark price for comparative cost of production analysis; and economic models for comparative assessments of economic performance.

In any mining operation, understanding the geology of the deposit and waste material is fundamental for successful resource and reserve estimation, geotechnical engineering, mine planning and mineral processing. Better geological interpretations at the mine scale improve grade control, mine planning and profitability. Our consultants are leaders in understanding deposit-forming processes. With a unique combination of structural geology and practical mining experience, we can assist you to improve your mine development, operations and near mine exploration. Our integrated mine models give you better near mine exploration targets, optimize mapping and quality control, reduce the risk of misdirecting deposit extraction and unintentional dilution, and improve the reconciliation of your mine.

Understanding quality distribution and optimizing mining selectivity through quality control is essential to achieving the mine plan. Mahameru has the expertise to implement, monitor, analyze and react to quality data. This expertise allows the results to be reconciled against planned production and actual plant data. Minimizing the difference between planned verses actual production will improve business performance.

Mahameru’s Competent Person for reserves estimation complies with the Code used internationally includes Materiality, Transparency and Competence to provide a standard public reporting. The standard is a mandatory system for classification of tonnages/grades estimates according to geological confidence, technical aspects and economic consideration.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical challenges that could influence the development of your site can include geological environment, ground and groundwater conditions. Additional challenges may originate from your particular equipment and infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipes and storage, blasting activity, government infrastructure, civil residence and other design constraints for structural and operational purposes. Our teams of geotechnical specialists combine extensive knowledge and experience with sophisticated numerical modelling capabilities to develop appropriate, cost-effective solutions for your project. Our services include detailed site evaluation for development, foundation design, preparation of designs and contract management.

We believe that an efficient and effective geotechnical study is an integral component of mining project. The geotechnical investigation program should include an understanding of the lithological, structural, alteration and hydrogeological aspects, enabling the rock mass to be characterized into relevant geotechnical domains. Representative geotechnical design parameters for the mine design can then be allocated to each of these domains, according to risk involved into specific area.

Mahameru’s team of geotechnical professionals includes individuals with highly developed numerical modeling capabilities. We offer a mix of analytical and empirical analysis to give solutions that are innovative and practical and design parameters that are optimized for the conditions and mining strategy. We focus on the application and interpretation of the analytical results by reducing the data to create geotechnical domain models, representing sectors of the project that are expected to have similar geotechnical characteristics. Our deliverables are useful geotechnical models and design parameters to ensure that you get practical, focused results that add value to your projects.

Water Management

Mahameru has extensive experience in supporting mine development projects and effective development, management of water resources. Our specialist teams of geologists and hydrogeologists undertake all aspects of rainfall studies, interference area, ground water studies and drainage and dewatering equipment.

Efficient water management is essential to nearly all mining and mineral processing activities and must be dutifully considered during each development and operational cycle – from preliminary approvals, production, de-commissioning and closure – and its practices must adhere to stringent environmental and socially responsible policies, with due consideration of the company shareholders.

The approach of our solution is ensuring the effective management and development of water resources in accordance with statutory requirements and commercial needs, involving surface water hydrology and hydraulics. Our team of specialist skills is to offer a comprehensive range of services relating to water management problems. Projects range from planning and analysis of river catchments, through water resource development, to the design and implementation of storm water control measures. Our services cover water quality and quantity and we use specialist software to optimize water and effluent control for our mining clients. By integrating our surface and ground water skills, we are able to adopt a holistic approach to surface and ground water issues.